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The Dr. NO story:


House Music: Deep, Techy, Soulful, Inspiring, Disco, Groovy... Dr No loves the music and it shows!


Based in Los Angeles, Dr No has been dropping beats for a long time and it shows by the way he can make a floor move. Twisting beats and mixes, selecting tracks and adding his own remixes in ways that one moment has the crowd agreeing with the massive head nod and next has them jackin', Dr No is not just a selecta, but a dancefloor conducta. In fact, 2010 marks the 15-year anniversary of Dr. No's DJ career.  He's stuck with it purely for the love of house and the reaction of the house heads on the floor.


Born in Amsterdam, the Dutch legacy of DJs only grows with Dr No. He was hooked early by Black Box, The KLF, Technotronic, Farley Jack Master Funk, DJ Sneak, and so many more deep and freaky acts. Music is a passion in his life and he found an outlet to share it with the masses via a college radio show on 88.5 KURE from 1995 to 1999. That residency opened the door to many fans and early performances such as monthly bar gigs in support of the radio show and large parties, DJing for 500+ sweaty bodies for 4 hour sets.


That's how it all started and that's how it's grown. Dr No has played all over the West Coast, MidWest and Europe and more recently in Asia. He has a popular residency dropping deep house beats as well as co-promoting/producing the legendary Basic Beats for the true heads of the LA house scene in Hollywood starting in 2002. That night is legendary. Loving the music so much leads to more work in the business, he's been closely involved with many event promoters such as Simply Entertainment, NES, Subconscious Collective, Yellow 69, Circus Disco, Hollywood Arena and many more.


From Shanghai to Hong Kong, Los Angeles to Amsterdam, Dr No is well known to make the masses dance, boogie and have a great time. People love his energy, performance, music, selection, skills and him. He loves the music and he loves to make people dance. Dr No's energetic style of house and deep house with uplifting vocals matched with his turntable skills & wizardry are striking. The podcasts and CDs are great and his energy and perfection in the DJ booth make his shows a must see. You simply have to experience him live!