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House, Vocal House, Club House, Chicago House... He's got all the skills, sounds & surprises to make the dancefloor MOVE!!!

The Dr. NO story:


2007 marks the 12-year anniversary of Dr. No's DJ career. 2006 Rocked and 2007 looks to be on the up and up. 


Born and raised in a small town just south of Amsterdam, he fell in love with dance music early with the sounds of The KLF, Technotronic, and one of Holland's biggest acts ever: 2 Unlimited. He went nuts when he moved to the US and danced all night at his first rave in 1992. Music became a strong passion in his life and he found an outlet to share it with the masses via a college radio show on 88.5 KURE from 1995 to 1999. That immediately opened the door to performing and his first gig was a bang: taking over the minds of 500 sweaty bodies for a 4 hour set!


That's how it all started. Dr No has since played at clubs, raves, and underground parties in Los Angeles, CA; Hollywood, CA; San Diego, CA; San Bernardino, CA; Ontario, CA; Orange County, CA; Minneapolis, MN; Denver, CO; Portland, OR; Iowa City, IA; Central Iowa; middle of nowhere Wisconsin; Seattle, WA; Amsterdam, NL and many more.  He also entertained the masses weekly in Hollywood from 2002-2003 as resident DJ and as one of the main promoters/producers of the hugely successful night "Basic Beats". Not only has he been the DJ, but he's also been closely involved with event promoters such as Simply Entertainment, NES, Subconscious Collective, Yellow 69, Circus Disco, Hollywood Arena and many more.


Dr No is well known to make the masses dance, boogie and have a great time. People love his energy, performance, music, selection, skills and him. He loves the music and he loves to make people dance. Dr No's energetic style of house with uplifting vocals matched with his turntable skills & wizardry are striking. The CDs are great and his energy and perfection in the DJ booth make his shows a must see. You simply have to experience him live!

Many mixes are available $10 incl shipping & handling if you e-mail us.

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Praise Mix


Straight out of Church! Positive inspiration with the best beats from the last 12 months....

click here to download Praise Mix 80MB


Internet only Club House Mix
Dr No banging club house at Arena
FREE house music mix download!
ngst ngst ngst all night long! Some real favorites on this mix. (recorded Sept 2006)

click here to download Dr No's Internet Club House Mix

Magically Delishouse



The big mix for 06! Vocal House energy with a seriously positive message that will keep you going all day and all night long

E-mail snail mail address to get high quality full length version for $10

Drop the Pressure


"Drop the Pressure" House music all night long. Harder, edgier than ever. Available as CD now.(2005)

It's All About You
Vocal house energy. Starts off deep and smooth and takes you to another place.  A perfect Saturday night pre-party or early party mix. (2005)

Say My Name
very popular house mix by your favorite DJ. Bangin', pumpin' house, house, house. CDs and digital versions still available on request. (2005)

underground deep house mix that bumps. It was just a special edition, now available to everyone who requests a copy via e-mail. (2004)

BoneDaddy's House Groove
sexy, funky, deep, progressive... all of the above. The most popular Dr No mix with over 200 CDs distributed and uncountable internet listens. A must listen. Get your hands on a copy by e-mailing and requesting yours today. (2004)

  • Jump Up Throw Down (2003) Classic Drum & Bass  (Available in CD and RealPlayer)
  • Basic Beats Vol 2 (2002) Classic Vocal House  (Available)
  • Basic Beats Vol 1 (2002) House  (Available)
  • Organic Beats (2002) House
  • 2-Step Sampler (2002) 2-Step  (Available)
  • Techno Sampler (2002) Techno
  • Perestroika (2002) Hard Hitting Drum & Bass  (Available)
  • Future Crew (2001) Drum & Bass  (Available)
  • Dr No & MC Vers-1 Live from Bass Camp (12.18.2000) Drum & Bass
  • LA (1999) Drum & Bass  (Available)


  • 5-0 (1999) Drum & Bass
  • Brain Surgery (1999) Drum & Bass/Old Skool
  • Tegek 699 (1999) Drum & Bass
  • Just For Friends (1998) Drum & Bass
  • Scratch (1997) House
Keep checking for new and streaming mixes and we're still looking for some tapes from the old radio shows!