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MC and DJ, Drum & Bass/Jungle.. don't label, just listen


An MC is best left to his own words:
"I have been a DJ/MC since I was only 13 years old. What sets me apart from other MCs is that I rhyme in different languages, for I believe that the Jungle scene is an amalgam of different peoples of different culture. Since I am also a Jungle DJ, I believe that a jungle MC should "hype up" the crowd and NOT be the front man of the set. Otherwise this turns into another Hip-Hop set. Jungle is Jungle. Hip-Hop is Hip-Hop. I have worked with the Junglist Platoon, particularly Machete; Mictlan's R.A.W., DJ Curious?, and APX-1."
Vers-1 has toured nationally and internationally for many years. Be sure to catch him the next time he's in your neighborhood. He's always a crowd pleaser.