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Yesterday and Today!!

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Now you can hear Basic Beats anytime you want by subscribing to the podcast! This is a fun, interactive way to get your dose of deep, funky, techy, soulful house music on the go, anytime, anywhere. Just go to the itunes store, podcast section, search for "basic beats" and subscribe. You'll be glad you did.
We're still working on an automatic button for the website to make it even easier.

The Story
First of all, Basic Beats is always fun and never too serious!
Basic Beats is all about house music and focused on highlighting local talent starting as a free Saturday night weekly in a Simple style. Most of the time the sound system was modest, sometimes it was huge, and it was always free. From the first impression, the simple black and white fliers, and the friendly bouncer, the welcome crew hovering near the door, the simple lighting, $1 Sake shots, the dancing, the sweating, it was all about house music. The DJ's were always accessible, close to the crowd. It was Simply simple. It was Simply house music the way it was intended.
The Basic Beats house weekly started in trendy Silverlake, near Hollywood, CA, at the fashionable, yet struggling Zen Sushi by two DJs, Dr No and Jorel. There was additional promotional support from many friends especially Sarah Yuki. It ran from April 2002 until April 2003 when Zen Sushi had to put a pause on dance events for unrelated reasons. Zen had blown up and was the spot to be. Basic Beats was bumped a few times for the Hollywood elite (like David Spade ha ha ha), that's when it was held at the alternative location, The Garage. The Garage was dirty, dirty, dirty and it was fun to be there... once in a while! The decks were on a stack of old tires! Basic Beats often had 200-300 people and sometimes was even more fun with just 50-100 people! We had surprise visits, not performances, by Richard Vission and Static Revenger and other house moguls. Since then the music has not died, it's just not weekly anymore!
Basic Beats has always been accepting of all forms of house music. You never quite knew what to expect, even the DJ's enjoyed surprising their fans with unique sets. The house went from downtempo, to Chicago, from tech to deep, from soulful to funky, from atmospheric to breaky and so much more.
Past Guests included who's who of LA house music:

1.       Tony Watson

2.       Juan Nunez

3.       Jake DeVere

4.       Hawkeye

5.       Lillyane

6.       Lil’ Chris

7.       Lawrence aka Foxy Brown

8.       John Juster (saxaphone)

9.       Scott K.

10.   Zach Hill

11.   Theory

12.   Eddie Barajas

13.   David Bacon

14.   Roy Ceballos

15.   Ann Mentone (vocals)

16.   Alland

17.   Jordan

18.   Oscure

19.   Boz

20.   Lando

21.   Steven Dimitry

22.   Kasey Goto

23.   Zach Rieken

24.   Jesse Outlaw

25.   Teddy Q

26.   Frank Lara

27.   Slick

28.   Frescoe

29.   Outer.Soul.Sun

30.   Aztech Sol

31.   Jonra

32.   Joplin

33.   Aaron Michelson

34.   Basskick

35.   Emi

36.   Warren V.

37.   Joey Santa Cruz

38.   Brad Kent

39.   DJ Blend

40.   Eric Allen

41.   Dan Levine

42.   Vinyl Avenger

43.   Craig Parker

44.   Adrienne Sanchez

45.   Joris

46.   Gintares Jones

47.   Who’s Your Daddy

Lastly, Basic Beats is fun, so check it out!

Simply Entertainment rules! Basic Beats bangs the beat down!