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The quick skinny:
Simply Entertainment has been your regular provider of underground dance music in the Los Angeles area for more than 7 years.
We produced the legendary house weekly at Zen Sushi in Silverlake (Hollywood) "Basic Beats"; Drum & Bass series "Free Drum & Bass"; Techno series "I Love Techno" also at Zen Sushi; and the Drum & Bass massive "Blackout." We also co-promote events by often by hosting a room at a club.
We believe that dance music will never die. You can see it in babies, they love to shake it sooner than they can walk! It's born into us. As we get older we sometimes need more to get us going. Well, Simply Entertainment is that more; we are your motivator. We have the DJs and the parties that get you up and rockin' all night long. Most of us have been here through the fads and we will keep on dancing. We're always looking for new and innovative ways to unleash the party. All you need to do is get the info and get in your car and go! "Get on up!" -- James Brown.
We will keep you posted on upcoming events. Sign up on our e-mail list to get the fastest infusion of info! Our e-mail list is the only place you can get info on the most super secret private parties. So sign up by e-mailing


Simply Entertainment is a collective of underground dance music lovers including:
  • Jorel: Father of Superman, electro and disco house DJ,  and the best party host.
  • Dr No: "I didn't go to school for so many years to be called DJ thank you very much" Basic Deep House Beats for your soul.
  • Rudy aka DJ Yoghurt: Deep, Jacking WestCoast House Beats
  • Jaimie: Very catchy detroit mimimalist techno that will automatically  turn your head and shake your booty!
  • Mike Lloyd aka Invictus: Minimilist Techno.
  • MC Vers-1: A West Coast Classic and he's pumped up!
  • DJ Shoj: The dancefloor hypnotist. "Look deep into my eyes, you are falling under my spell..."
  • The Rude Girl Natty: Respekt da rude grrrl!! She also does our DJ bookings.
  • and you, our friends and fans